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Intestinal health

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Intestinal health

The engine of life

The intestine is the engine of our lives. If it doesn’t run smoothly, it affects our entire body. The way we live our lives is decisive for how our intestines feel. Our current age is especially shaped by an oversupply of industrially-produced food and harmful environmental influences. These make it difficult to maintain a healthy intestinal flora (microbiome). Numerous authors and researchers have explored these problems for decades and have developed effective measures to maintain the intestinal flora, including Giulia Enders in her book ‘Gut: The Inside Story of Our Body’s Most Underrated Organ’ and Bas Kast in his ‘Ernährungskompass’ (Nutritional compass). The large intestine with its many trillions of different microorganisms is predominantly responsible for turning the food pulp available to the body into different nutrients and vital substances. Unfortunately, various factors can often disrupt this process – which can lead to poor detoxification of the body on the one hand and poor absorption of important food components on the other.

What can I do to support my intestinal health?

A varied diet and avoiding continuous stress as well as regular exercise can help keep the intestinal flora in proper shape.

What harms the intestinal flora?

Taking antibiotics damages the intestinal flora, as these cannot distinguish between good and bad and thus the good intestinal bacteria are also destroyed. Our eating habits also have an influence on our intestinal flora. Often too low fibre content, too much animal fat and proteins as well as emulsifiers and preservatives have a negative effect on our intestines.

Psychological factors such as stress can also have an effect on our microbiome (intestinal flora). In this case, the desired lactobacilli become scarce and thus undesirable intestinal germs spread more easily.

Why do you need a healthy intestinal flora?

First of all, we need our microbiome to be able to properly absorb vitamins and nutrients from the food pulp. But we also need our intestines for other important things, such as filtering out toxins, producing various fatty acids that we cannot absorb from food and, last but not least, cleaning out residue from fermenting food.

The intestinal flora handles all these tasks best if it is supplied daily with as many active intestinal bacteria as possible, such as lactobacilli, enterococci and bifidobacteria.

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